Trend 1 | Content Marketing Will Remain Central to Digital Strategy

The future of digital marketing services is centered around content. Marketers need to help stakeholders across the company create and share content that strengthens the brand image. With information readily available online, it is easy for people to find out about a business’s products and services without even talking to a sales representative. To differentiate the company, marketers need to produce content that is unique and compelling.

Digital marketing strategies for B2B companies should focus on generating awareness about their business as well as showcasing their expertise in the industry. Content creation has helped businesses such as Dell (, RedHat ( and Salesforce ( increase their search engine visibility on Google, social media platforms, and on B2B directory listings.

Trend 2 | Online Video Will Be Huge

According to Dublin SEO Company, content videos play a critical role in digital marketing strategies for B2B companies because they help explain complex concepts to the target audience. According to the Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing (2016), companies can use online video to showcase their expertise in an industry. Furthermore, businesses can make videos that are meant for lead generation and link these back to landing pages on their websites.

Online videos do not always have to be about selling products or services. Marketers can create short tutorials that walk the viewer through the steps of completing a task. For example, back in 2014, TINT ( created an explainer video on YouTube that helped the audience understand how to use their software service. Marketers can also create videos that are meant for awareness and link them to landing pages to increase website traffic.


Trend 3 | Personalized Content Will Drive Higher Engagement

As consumers become more selective about what content they share on social media, companies need to provide personalized content that matches their needs. For example, an individual who regularly peruses websites related to cars is more inclined to interact with content that is automotive-related. By understanding the customer’s preferences and interests, marketers can determine the optimal content to share with them.

The future of digital marketing is all about catering to the needs of individual customers by creating personalized content that they are more likely to engage with. Instead of bombarding people with promotional content, it is important for brands to create videos and articles that match their interests. This will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Trend 4 | The Ad Blocking Phenomenon Will Only Grow

Adblocking refers to software that lets people avoid seeing ads on websites and social media platforms. According to a report published by PageFair (2016), 26% of web users globally used ad blockers in 2015. In the United States, ad blockers were most popular among males between the ages of 18 and 24.

People have grown tired of being bombarded with ads on social media platforms, websites, and even on their mobile phones. Worse yet, a lot of online advertising content is irrelevant to consumers because it fails to address their specific needs. To combat this problem, marketers need to create personalized ads that match the preferences of the target audience.

Digital marketing strategies for B2B companies should focus on developing their own ad blocking software to avoid wasting money on ads that people will never click on. Instead, it is better to use this time and money to develop useful content that matches customers’ needs.


Conclusion: B2B digital marketers need to continuously stay on top of trends and changes in the industry to ensure that their strategies are still effective. While online video and personalized content marketing will play a major role in digital marketing strategies for 2022, ad blocking software is likely to become an increasingly popular trend. It is vital to work with a digital marketing agency Dublin that could give you the maximum results you are expecting