Painting your home’s inside or outside is a proven method to brighten it up. Nothing pulls out the newness of a space like a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint may be an enjoyable experience. It is a simple and quick adjustment that is transforming and attractive. You might try painting it manually, but it will be time-consuming.

The most prominent advantage of DIY paint is cost reduction, which only applies to modest paint projects. Painting the entire house, on the other hand, is impractical. A lengthy supply will set you back little money for a one-time painting job. As a result, hiring expert painters from a reputable painting business is your best choice. Painting & Decorating Price depends on the size of the house. Now let’s look at the spaces and their painting and decorating costs.

Is it easier to paint a small room than a large one?

You are correct if you believe painting a small space is more accessible than decorating a large one. It’s different if the little area has so little floor space, fewer corners, and irregular forms. In such circumstances, the paint job will take longer than repainting the smooth surface of a standard rectangular room.

Furthermore, they may have noticed that painting bathrooms and kitchens take longer than painting bedrooms. Bathrooms are typically smaller than other rooms, but the limited wall and floor area make decorating difficult and time-consuming. Similarly, base pieces and kitchen cabinets provide a narrow window for painting.

Small Spaces

A modest room with external walls of roughly 15m2 will cost between $200 and $300 to paint. Furthermore, the total cost includes the preparation of an undercoat and a topcoat for furniture. If you choose higher-quality paints, your average will be closer to the top of the spectrum and, conversely, for a lower-cost painting job.

Rooms of Medium Size

The typical cost to color a medium-sized room with a wall area of 30m2 is between $400 and 600. Again, this includes two coats of emulsion paint on the walls, woodwork, and ceiling.

Large rooms

When you have a larger room with more than 60m2 of wall space, the painting expenses for surfaces preparations, emulsion paint applications on the wall, ceilings, and woodwork will range between $800 and $1200. Always remember that all the expenses we estimated include typical labor costs.


A painting project with stairs might be challenging. They are distinct from the rest of your home, and quantifying the space in sq ft is difficult. Because stairs have high walls, the painter will need scaffolding to reach the ceiling. As a result, the interior paint’s average material and costs will increase.

The type of staircase will also determine the cost of painting. For example, if the stairs are built of hardwood, more sanding is required before applying primers. This will inevitably raise your project’s material expenses.

Other Positions

Decorators and painters are skilled at more than just painting the walls and woodwork. Aside from painting, the most popular task is putting wallpaper in various sizes and textures. Some are best suited for simple textured walls, and some may be safer.

Wallpaper installation requires skill, particularly for highlighting walls with varying textures and forms. Wallpaper gives your space a more aesthetically appealing aspect, but it will undoubtedly raise the typical cost of painting.